Organic extra virgin olive oil

For generations our goal has been to produce a healthy and excellent quality product.

Innovation and tradition

Our thoughts are aimed at a company with a young mentality that venerates progress, but which does not forget its origins and the ethics of its work. We demonstrate that we have a young mentality when we share our oil with those who choose us; when even those who are far away have the possibility of being able to bring the Sicilian spirit to the table. sicilianità.

We decided to give an identity to our work, our farm, and our oil, abandoning old business philosophies aimed at wholesale. When we bring new techniques and technologies to the farm so as to improve our work and the quality of life of our olive trees.

We demonstrate that we are responsible when we distance ourselves from the idea of ​​introducing new varieties of non-native olive trees, because we want to protect our territory and respect our landscape aspect.

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Tenute Ciaccio extra virgin olive oil benefits from the "organic agriculture" certification, with it we want to allow you a unique, singular and unforgettable journey to the territories of origin.

Our product is a blend that follows an ancient family recipe, which we define as a "wise" oil, with truly particular organoleptic characteristics, an elixir of long life because it comes from over one hundred year old olive trees.

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We don't do organic farming because we want to save the world, because it would be a very difficult task, but at least we are not on the side of those who destroy it.

Pheromone trap

Monitoring of the olive fly through natural traps. Adults are attracted thanks to the bright color of the traps and the release of specific pheromones.


Allows excellent ventilation and proper sunshine to achieve natural plant protection and balance the vegetative aspect.


We practice grassing and limit soil tillage, preferring only those that affect the surface layer, to avoid erosion phenomena that occur with rainfall.


It refers to an agricultural practice of high ecological value, with reduced environmental impact, which consists of cultivating plant species that can directly fix atmospheric nitrogen in the soil.


Formation of cluster inflorescences


Flowers with four small white petals and yellow anthers

Fruit setting

The fruit is formed

About us

Today my mother and I went to buy olive oil at Alberto and his family's farm and it was a really great experience. You can tell how much this family loves their work and the product. Alberto showed us the olive trees and explained the varieties. He also gave us lemons and our olive oil was wrapped with care and love. I can only recommend anyone in Sicily to buy oil here, not only because of the sustainability and quality, but also because a loving family produces their product with a lot of heart.


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High quality and local organic production. the oil with Mediterranean flavors inside

Franco Scalfani

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