The Tenute Ciaccio extra virgin olive oil makes use of the “organic” certification, with it they want to allow you a unique journey, unique and unforgettable in their home territories.

Our product is a blended, that follows an old family recipe, we defined an oil “wise”, with very particular organoleptic characteristics, an elixir of life because it comes from the age-old olive trees.

The different plots that compose the company presents everyone different pedological properties as the other, that everyone transmit, some different peculiarity to the olives and to the finished product.

Above plots are usually called „holdings“, from this noun our oil take a name and with this we want to emphasize the typicalness from this, from our company and from our work, that continue to keep unvaried those canons of costum, healthiness and defensibility still today.

We use dark glass bottles, with appropriate closings devote in means for neutralize the arise of oxidative processes and keep higher the qualitative standards from our oil.



Trade name: Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil Seals Ciaccio.
Commodity nature: Olive oil of superior category obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical processes.
Type of oil: Extra virgin olive oil blended.
Cultivar: Cerasuola and Biancolilla, percentages following an old family recipe.
Production area: Sciacca (AG) Sicilia, 100% Italian.
Altitude olive groves: Middle hill between 60 and 250 mt above sea level.
Cultivation: Pot dish.
System type: 6×6 – 7×7 and indefinite (why centenarians).
Harvest: From the first week of October to the first two of November.
Method of harvest: Hand harvest.
Yield for hectare: 2000 kg of olives.
Oil yield: 12-16 liters of oil for 100 kg of olive.
Extraction system: Continuous cold cycle.
Filtration: Absent, natural settling and decanting, “must oil.”
Oleic acidity: 0.1% vol. – 0.3% vol.
Certification: Organic.

Organoleptic characteristics

Appearance: Very high density oil and fog, clear and bright.
Color: Bright green with golden yellow.
Aroma: Harmonious, with elegant fruity charge, with herbaceous hints of arugula and tomato leaves.
Taste: Light fruity flavor, complex and pleasant, great harmony with hints of fruit and spicy aftertaste and herbaceous.
Use: It is suitable for all foods of the Mediterranean diet but can finish large dishes, ideal for both raw and cooked. Ideal of meat and fish on the grill, roast, meat sauce, vegetable soups, bruschetta, pizza, salads, raw vegetables, pinzimònio and all the dishes of vegetarian cuisine.
Packaging: Glass bottle of 100ml, 500 ml and 1 liter, can of 5 liter.