Our passion has always been the cultivation of olives for oil production. The tradition has been handed down from father to son for generations.

In the year two thousand the third generation, represented by the sons Giuseppe and Alberto Ciaccio, joined the company they have strengthened the fruitful labors of their father Pietro Ciaccio and their grandfather Alberto Prinzivalli. They going on to save their father as reference piont.

The latter represents a reliable source of wisdom due to a life spent in the countryside among his olive trees and the knowledge passed down by his ancestors.

Our thought is andressed to a company with a young mentality that worships the progress, but don’t forget his source and the ethic from the own work.

We prove to have a young mentality when we share with whoever choose our oil; when also whoever is far away from us have the opportunity to bring on the table something Sicilian; when we determined to give a identity at our work, at our company, at our oil, giving up old company philosophies directed for the big sale; when we change at the company new techniques and technologies to making sure to improve our work and the quality of life from our olives.

We prove to be responsible when we lift the idea to introduce new strain of olive trees not autochthonous, because we want to protect our country and respect our landscape aspect; when we determined to convert our company to a organic farming; every time that we ask our father and grandfather for an opinion.

Our passion is to produce a healthy product of excellent quality, the result is the “Tenute Ciaccio” Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil.